We want to give a huge shout-out for all the love and community support to those who heeded our call (See Below), to shatter a gallery attendance record with our Exhibition of Prisoner Art. It was an overwhelming success, and highly critically acclaimed. It culminated in the purchase on the final day, of one of the artists’ paintings, a portrait of President Obama, that was hand delivered to the President two days later. Thanx y’all, and we still can shatter an online attendance record by merely visiting online (See information below):

To: Communities of Conscious & Communities of Color
MPRISOND NATION (Male & Female Prisoners’ Art Exhibition), needs your help to set an art gallery attendance record “Through the Wall-Prisoner Art Collective” May 14th through 29th, at CB1-G Gallery in #DTLA (231-806-7889; Santa Fe Ave.; Los Angeles California 90021).
Spread the word across your social networks and send a message to the millionaires and billionaires of the proessional art world we matter!
If you reside outside of Los Angeles, help break the record by visiting online, Through the Wall-Prison Arts Collective. Send a message, and spread the word.
Remember, this is a very unique and rare Prisoner Art Exhibit, in that it contains works of art from both male and female prisoner-artist. Therefore, it probably contains the work of someone’s sister, or brother. The work of someone’s mother, or father, and highly probable, the work of someone’s grandmother, or grandfather.
Featured image above:
Mprisond (2014)
Wax & graphite on paper
Donald “C-Note” Hooker
About this artist: One of America’s most prolific prisoner-artist. Donald “C-Note” Hooker, is an intetnationally known poet, playwright, and painter. His works have been performed, exhibited, and sold throught the United States, from New York City, to Los Angeles. He’s been in People Magazine, Public Television-Los Angeles (KCET), ABC-Los Angeles (KABC). His work has also been recognized by the Governor of California, Mayor of Los Angeles, and the California State Senate. C-Note is a part of the Restorative Justice Movement. A social advocacy movement that raises awareness of the American mass incarceration problem, and how to bring reforms to ending it. The role of the prisoner-artist is instrumental in raising this public consciousness. Prison Art, is one of the methods and means of raising funds for legislative reform, prisoner reentry programs, and to support families, with a loved one behind bars. If the 2.2 million American prison population were a city, it would be the fourth largest behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, all known for very vibrant art scenes. There are lots of new and exciting forms of art being developed behind bars, to which C-Note is a part of, like “Prison Hip Hop,” “Spoken Floz,” and “Neo Jim Crow Art,” and “Paintoems”. In 2014, C-Note, began a Prisoner Art Collective known as Neo Jim Crow. Neo Jim Crow Art, is a prisoner led art movement by incarcerated African Americans, during this period in the United States known to Black Americans, as the New Jim Crow. The impetus for this movement, is that there is no Jim Crow Art that has been recognized during the first Jim Crow era, and the Jewish Holocust imprimatur, of “Never Forget.” In 2015, he wrote and starred in the opening act to the critically acclaimed prison drama, Redemption In Our State Of Blues. This work was instrumental in leading to the “BREAK IT TO MAKE IT (BITMI): Busting Barriers for the Incarcerated Project, Los Angeles, California.” A first in the nation prison reentry project. It provides two years of free housing from the Los Angeles Mission . Two years of free education from the Los Angeles City College , and participation in the jails to jobs program of actual paid theatrical work with the theater group, The Strindberg Laboratory . In 2016, C-Note, created the Paintoem. Paintoems are poems inspired by paintings or drawings, or paintings or drawings inspired by poems, combined together as a single work of art. Once created, the public has free use rights to these works, as long as the artist or artists are acknowledged. They have been primarily used for prisoner art exhibits, and prisoner publications. Both use visual and literary works by prisoners for their exhibits or publications.
C-Note, welcomes any correspondence with the public, and we encourage you to write to him:
Donald “C-Note” Hooker
CDCR# K94063
P.O. Box 4490
Lancaster, CA 93539
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