Prison Art Exhibit During Pandemic

One artist found the Internet as a means to give an exhibition during the Covid pandemic.

1-Artist; 1-Subject; 21-Works is an online exhibition of one of the globe’s leading prison artists, Donald “C-Note” Hooker. It is an exhibition that goes beyond his personal prison experience, but gives a sort of reenactment of the lives of other prisoners far removed from the confines of his own prison cell. 

In During the Flood, he recreates the perils prisoners faced during Hurricane Harvey. In Capitalizing on Justice, a long line of prisoners await their turn for a psychotropic medicine pill; and in Today We Are Sisters, a woman prisoner is in restraints on a hospital operating table, while awaiting a forced sterilization procedure. The exhibition is a prelude to his upcoming book Bar Work the Prison Experience Told Through Paint.

Watch exhibition here:


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