In Midst of Corona Pandemic, Prisoners Receive Copies of “Marking Time”

In the midst of a Coronavirus quarantine, an exclusive prisoner edition of Marking Time is finding its way to American prisoners.

The spring of 2020 began the official release of Marking Time: Art In The Age Of Mass Incarceration by Nicole R. Fleetwood, Professor of American Studies and Art History at Rutgers University, and published by Harvard University Press. With a generous grant from the Art for Justice Fund, an exclusive, free, paperback version, was published and shipped to prisoners across the country. Marking Time is based on Professor Fleetwood’s nine-year exodus of interviews with current and formerly incarcerated artists, prison visits, and the professor’s own familial experience with the prison system. It is a demonstration of how working with meager supplies in the harshest conditions, including solitary confinement, imprisoned men and women turned ordinary objects into elaborate works of art. It is an outsider’s inside look, into a world of artists finding their way to resist the brutality and depravity of prison life. Fleetwood demonstrates the impact of their art Beyond Prison Walls. These bold works, many of which are being published for the first time in this volume, have opened new possibilities onto the American art scene. As the movement to transform the country’s Criminal Justice System grows, prisoner art provides a powerful tool to both sides of the prison wall divide who seek to dismantle mass incarceration through art.

Marking Time — Nicole R. Fleetwood | Harvard University Press


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