“No More Massacres,” How Solutions to America’s Gun Violence Can Be Found In It’s Prisons

In light of mass gun violence in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, we at Darealprisonart thought it would be a public good as a reminder that resolutions to gun violence could be found in America’s prisons


No More Massacres is a collaborative work of art, between imprisoned poet, Darryl Burnside, and the world’s most prolific prisoner-artist, Donald “C-Note” Hooker [1]. Imprisoned for life at 16, Burnside had been greatly affected watching year after year, teens and pre-teens gunned down through mass gun violence.

Here are excerpts from an interview we will be publishing about Burnside’s poem, No More Massacres, his work in the Arts, and as a youth restorative justice leader.

DRPA: You wrote No More Massacres [2], tell us what that was about?

DB: Well, you see what’s going on in the world with Parkland, but for me, my journey began in 2008 in Pelican Bay. That’s when I saw the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, and the death of Christina Taylor, the little girl that was present.

DRPA: We thought your story was interesting. Here you are imprisoned at 16, the same…

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