Artist wants to put up for sale his most famous work, and wishes to make part of this sale as a charitable donation to two nonprofits Money On Books, and The Strindberg Laboratory. The painting in question stems from the artist’s work with The Strindberrg Laboratory in the critically acclaimed play, Redemption In Our State Of Blues. Redemption was performed live at the California State Prison-Los Angeles County in the Mojave Desert, in December of 2015, and encored in March of 2016. Redemption is one of the most significant pieces of work to come out of Los Angeles in the cause of Restorative Justice, and was featured on Public Television-Los Angeles (KCET) and ABC-Los Angeles (KABC). Redemption led to the funding of BREAK IT TO MAKE IT (BITMI): Busting Barriers for the Incarcerated Project Los Angeles, CA, a first in the nation prisoner reentry program. It provides two years of free housing from the Los Angeles Mission . Two years of free education from the Los Angeles City College, and participation in the jails to jobs program of actual paid theatrical work with the theater group, The Strindberg Laboratory. Theater classes are now being taught in the prison in which students can earn college credits from the Los Angeles City College in theater, the oldest theatrical teaching class in the country. It inspired the writing of the play Life Without the Possibility of Parole (a prison play), set in a California women’s prison, of women serving life without the possibility of parole.

The painting in question, Birth Of A Salesman, is the name of the opening act to the Redemption play. Donald “C-Note” Hooker wrote and starred in Birth Of A Salesman, and is its painter. Google Search, when asked, “Who is America’s most prolific prisoner-artist?,” C-Note is ranked second behind Chinese prisoner-artist Ai Wei Wei. Ai Wei Wei’s works sell in the six-figures. In 2014, Ai Wei Wei exhibited on Alcatraz. C-Note will be apart of an exhibition on Alcatraz in the Spring, and most likely over take Ai Wei Wei for the number one spot. In Google Search Images when asked, “Who is the world’s most prolific prisoner-artist?,” Birth Of A Salesman, is ranked 22nd (#1 U.S.). Ai Wei Wei’s Traditional Chinese Dragon, is ranked 26th (#3 U.S.), and C-Note’s Mprisond, is ranked 28th (#6 U.S.).

Birth Of A Salesman (2016)
Pastel and wax on prison issued lunch box (cardboard)
Asking price $75,000, to which $50,000 will be accredited to the buyer as a charitable donation.
For more information contact:
Money On Books
40335 Winchester Rd, Suite #E523
Temecula, CA 92591-5518

[Editor’s Note]: Redemption received an Honor of Recognition letter from California Governor Jerry Brown, and national recognition in the magazine People. See “Inside the Program Training Actors in California Jails and Prisons” | PEOPLE.com


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